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Thanksgivings and Baptisms


Thanksgivings and baptisms are usually held during the main Sunday morning service. 

Parents are encouraged to attend St Augustine’s for several months and undergo baptism preparation classes (usually in their own home) before bringing their child for baptism. 

A simpler service of thanksgiving and blessing is available as an alternative.  This can be arranged quite quickly, and with less preparation.

We are also very glad to baptise adults (usually by immersion).

There is no fee for a thanksgiving or baptism.



To qualify to be married in St Augustine’s Church, you must either be living within the parish boundaries, or be on the church’s electoral roll (minimum of 6 months’ attendance at Sunday worship).  Since 2008 a person with a 'qualifying connection' with the parish may also be able to marry in the church.

Fees are according to the Church of England Table of Parochial Fees.



We are able to conduct a Christian funeral in St Augustine’s, followed by committal at a crematorium or cemetery; or to conduct the complete service at a crematorium or cemetery chapel.   (There is usually a time limit of 20 minutes at a crematorium chapel; there is no limit on a church service).

Please inform the funeral director if you wish to have your local vicar conduct the service.  The vicar who is to conduct the service will always arrange a visit before the funeral in order to plan the details of the service with you.

Fees are according to the Church of England Table of Parochial Fees.

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