StAC Youth.  For everyone in School Years 9-13.  We meet on Monday evenings (7.15pm-9pm) in Islington school term time, to have fun, build friendships, grow as followers of Jesus, and get to know God better.  We share food, play games, explore the Bible, chat, pray, worship God through music and singing, and discuss how we can live life in all its fullness as Christ followers, at home, in school or college, amongst our friends, and wherever else we are!

(All youth events are held at the church building unless stated otherwise)




Monday June 18th 2018, 6.50pm-9pm: StAC Youth (Venue: Sotheby Road, NOT the church building.  Please phone the church office for details)

Monday June 25th 2018, 7.15pm-9pm: StAC Youth

Monday 2nd July 2018, 7.15pm-9pm: StAC Youth

Monday 9th July 2018, 7.15pm-9pm: StAC Youth

Monday 16th July 2018, 7.15pm-9pm: StAC Youth