We have regular children's and youth groups on a Sunday morning during part of the main service.  The groups are for children aged 3 and upwards.  The oldest group is for young people aged 11-13 or school years 7 and 8.  Everyone aged 3-13 is welcome to come along and try out a group.  The names of the groups are Flares, Beacons, Lazers and Ignite.  The collective term for these groups is Sunday Club.  About twice a term there is a partcular focus on musical worship, and this event is called Joyful Noise.  (The young people aged 13-18 meet on Monday evenings at StAC Youth.  Please see Youth page for more details).


All About Sunday Club

Welcome to Sunday Club at St Augustine's! 

Sunday Club holds fun sessions for children to worship and get to know God. We meet in term time in age appropriate groups during Sunday services. We also hold two Joyful Noise sessions each term when the children of all ages come together to worship through songs and music. 

Sunday Club sessions start at about 11am when the children come to the front of the church for prayer and then move to their rooms with their teacher. Sessions last about 45 minutes (during Communion services) or about 60 minutes (Morning prayer services). We rejoin the service during the last hymn. Each group has 2-3 teachers who take turns to lead sessions with another adult helper. All Sunday Club teachers and helpers are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. 

We would be very happy to chat to you about your child, their interests and needs and any questions you have. We ask all parents/carers to fill out a registration form when children start with us, so we are aware of any special needs. You can chat to the Sunday Club leaders at Sunday services or contact us via the church office ( or Tel. 020 7354 5515).

Judy Harwood, Children’s Ministry Leader.



Flares is our group for 3-6 year olds, preschool and children in Reception and Year 1. Children can start as soon as they turn three. You are most welcome to come with your child at first until they are settled.

Flares is all about enjoying being at church, meeting other children, settling into Sunday Club and beginning to learn about and worship God through play and simple activities. We learn a great deal from the children too! It's a pleasure getting to know them. 

We usually start with the Register (learning everyone's names, sharing news), then tell a short Bible story (sometimes with puppets, props or acting the story out with the children) followed by some activities such as craft, a prayer with actions or a song. Towards the end of the session children have time to play with the Flares toys or do colouring. 


Tips for settling your child: every child is different and while some are happy to come to Flares without their parent or carer from the start, many prefer a familiar adult to come with them at first or for some time. We are very happy to welcome adults to Flares. We ask that you help your child to settle in by focusing on their activities at the start of each session and helping them become familiar with Flares routines. Please don't bring younger siblings as our sessions are not appropriate for under 3s (there are toys for under 3s in crèche) and they can be a distraction for young children learning to settle. We generally offer children several points during the session when they can choose to let their parent/carer return to church (eg after the story or craft activity). It helps if you talk to your child in advance about this, when you think they might be ready, and also if you are able to come to church regularly while they are settling in, so they can get to know our routine. 

Leaders: Anne Golding-Lee, Joanna Poulson, Victoria Hepburn


Lazer Beacons

Lazer Beacons is our group for children in school years 2-5. We meet in the large hall at the back of the church, which gives us plenty of room for playing lively games and having fun together!

Each session begins with the register and sharing news together. We then play a game or do an activity or song to get everyone moving, before listening to a Bible story which might be read, acted out or told with puppets or props. We then split into two age-groups, Lazers (years 4-5) and Beacons (years 2-3) to talk about the Bible story in more detail and think about what it tells us about God and how he sent Jesus to be our friend and saviour. We might do a craft or drawing/writing activity before praying together at the end of the session.

Leaders: Helen English, Judy Harwood, Julia Sturmy



Ignite is our children’s group for school years 6-8. We meet in a room at the front of the church just off the chancel. The room has three large comfy sofas which we sit on to share recent news, discuss matters important to the group, play games, perform drama and generally learn about how God’s word applies to us in our daily lives.

Each session begins with a register of who is there before sharing news together. We then play a game or do an activity to get everyone warmed up. Afterwards we read the Bible, discuss any questions we might have and think about how it relates to us. We end each session in prayer by passing the Bible around so that each person can pray out loud or silently.

Leaders: Nikki Thompson and Debra Pratt


StAC Youth. 

StAC Youth is our group for everyone in school years 9-13.  We meet on Monday evenings at St Augustine’s (7:15 pm - 9:00 pm) in Islington school term time, to have fun, build friendships, grow as followers of Jesus, and get to know God better.  We share food, play games, explore the Bible, chat, pray, worship God through music and singing, and discuss how we can live life in all its fullness as Christ followers, at home, in school or college, amongst our friends, and wherever else we are!

Leaders: Gabriel Anstis, Sharon Morris, Michael Stuart, Victoria Hepburn



Creche on Sundays for under 3s.  There is a creche area for 0-2 year olds, and an art area for young children.


St John's Highbury Vale Church of England Primary School


We are linked to, and work and serve closely with St John's School.  Admission to St John's School requires parents to attend Sunday services at St Augustine's regularly (i.e. at least once a fortnight) for at least 2 years before applying.  For more information, or to contact the school directly, please visit the school website: St John's Primary School Highbury Vale


Hippo Club on Thursday morning in the church.  10am-Midday.
It is for pre-school children of any age with a carer or parent.

Hippo Babies on Thursday morning, 10am-Midday, is for children under 1 year with a carer or parent.




Key Dates 2019:

Friday April 19th, 9.30am-11.30am: Good Friday Holiday Club for all primary school aged children.  Free.  Join us for games, crafts, songs and fun as we explore the story and meaning of Easter.  Places limited.  To book on Tel. 020 7354 5515 or email


For more details, please email or telephone 020 7354 5515.


St Augustine's Nursery:

If you are interested in finding out more about St Augustine's Nursery, please go to:

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