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Archived sermons

Archived sermons from September 2018 onwards are available on request. Click on this link then choose the file by name to listen to the archived sermon,

Filename Date Text Subject/Title Preacher
20180902.mp3 September 2nd Matthew 28:16-20 Co-Mission 1: Go Gabriel
20180909.mp3 September 9th Romans 10:1 Co-Mission 2: Prayer Martin
20180916.mp3 September 16th Romans 10:9-15 Co-Mission 3: Invitation Amber
20180923.mp3 September 23rd 1 Timothy 6:17-19 Co-Mission 4: Giving Gabriel
20180930.mp3 September 30th Matthew 14:22-33 Co-Mission 5: Stepping Out Gabriel
20181007.mp3 October 7th Psalm 8 Harvest Thanksgiving Amber/Martina F
20181014.mp3 October 14th Philippians 4:4-9 My Heart - Christ's Home 1: The Study Gabriel
20181021.mp3 October 21st 1 John 2:15-17 My Heart - Christ's Home 2: The Dining Room Amber
20181028.mp3 October 28th 1 John 1:1-7 My Heart - Christ's Home 3: The Living Room Heather
20181104.mp3 November 4th John 2:1-11 My Heart - Christ's Home 4: The Playroom Martin
20181111.mp3 November 11th Deuteronomy 5:12-15 Remembrance Sunday Gabriel
20181118.mp3 November 18th Proverbs 5:15-21 My Heart - Christ's Home 5: The Bedroom Amber/Monty
20181125.mp3 November 25th Psalm 139:1-6, 23-24 My Heart - Christ's Home 6: The Loft Gabriel
20181202.mp3 December 2nd John 1:6-9 Advent: Incarnation 1 Heather
20181209.mp3 December 9th Matthew 1:18-2:12 All Age Family Christmas Service Amber/Children
20181216.mp3 December 16th AM John 1:10-13 Advent: Incarnation 2 Amber
20181216-evening.mp3 December 16th PM Isaiah 9:2,6-7 Christmas Carols by Candlelight Gabriel
20181223.mp3 December 23rd John 1:14 Advent: Incarnation 3 Gabriel
20181225.mp3 December 25th Luke 2:1-20 Christmas Day Gabriel
20181230.mp3 December 30th John 1:10-14 Incarnation 4: In the World Gabriel
20190106.mp3 January 6th 2019 Malachi 3:6-12 Giving 1: Tithes and Offerings Martin
20190113.mp3 January 13th Proverbs 3:9-10 Giving 2: Firstfruits not Leftovers Amber
20190120.mp3 January 20th Luke 14:31-35 Giving 3: Disciple Giving Gabriel
20190127.mp3 January 27th Lamentations 1:1-22 Lament 1: Jeremiah Amber
20190210.mp3 February 10th Ruth 1:19-22 Lament 3: Naomi Monty
20190217.mp3 17 February Psalm 6:1-10 Lament 4: David Gabriel
20190324.mp3 17 March Matthew 6:10 The Lord's Prayer 2 Gabriel
20190324.mp3 March 24th Matthew 6:11-12 The Lord's Prayer 3 Amber
20190407.mp3 April 7th Matthew 6:13 The Lord's Prayer 4 Amber
20190419.mp3 April 19th TBC Good Friday Reflections N/A
20190421.mp3 21 April John 20:19-31 Easter Sunday Gabriel
20190428.mp3 April 28th John 21:1-14 He Is Risen 1 Amber
20190505.mp3 May 5th John 21:15-19 He Is Risen 2 Monty
20190512.mp3 May 12th John 21:20-25 He Is Risen 3 Martin
20190519.mp3 19 May Acts 1:1-11 He Is Risen 4 Gabriel
20190526.mp3 May 26th Tbc Baptism & Confirmation Service Bishop Pete
20190602.mp3 June 2nd Tbc It's More Than Just a Sunday: The Church Amber
20190609.mp3 9 June Acts 2:1-21 Pentecost Gabriel
20190616.mp3 16 June John 16:5-16 The Trinity Gabriel
20190623.mp3 June 23rd Tbc It's More Than Just a Sunday: The Marketplace Amber
20190630.mp3 June 30th Luke 17:7-10 Servants Heather