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Welcome to StAC Kids!

At St. Augustine’s we are committed to welcoming families with children of all ages into our church family, and providing a safe, fun environment for them to learn more about how much God loves them. If you are aged from 3 – 13, or know someone who is, then this is the page for you!

Judy Harwood, who co-ordinates the children’s ministry here at St. Augustine’s, has some exciting news for how we can still be church together in these challenging times.


StAC Kids Sunday Club

Usually we would be meeting each Sunday morning during the service in our different groups, to read the Bible, play games, sing, pray and learn more about God together. To make sure we keep safe and well, and keep others safe and well too, at the moment we can’t actually meet together, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop learning about God together. So for the next little while I’m going to be posting some videos of Bible stories, prayer and craft activities online which you can  do at home with your family. You can access the videos here: StAC Kids on Youtube

There will be new videos posted each week – why not try watching them on a Sunday morning?

Before you watch the video, try to get hold of the following items:

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Colouring pens/pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A Bible – the Lion First Bible is good for younger children, the Good News Bible is a great one for 7-14 yr olds


Get in touch

We would love to hear from you! Let me know what you’ve been up to this week, what life is like in your house under lockdown, what has been happening to you. You can contact me at Please also send me photos of any pictures or craft activities you’ve made or prayers you’ve written from the video sessions, and we will choose some each week to upload onto the website to share what we’ve been doing with our church family.


Session 1

This week we are looking at the story of Adam and Eve, which you can find in the Bible in the book of Genesis. Please click on the link above to view this week’s StAC Kids Sunday Club session.

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder why the man and the woman were so happy in the garden in the beginning?
  2. I wonder why the woman chose to do the wrong thing?
  3. I wonder why God said they had to leave the garden?


Session 2

This week we are continuing to look at the book of Genesis, moving on to the story of Cain and Abel, two of Adam and Eve’s sons. Will they make better choices than their parents did last week? Click on this link to find out! StAC Kids Session 2

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder how God felt when Abel gave him his offering?
  2. I wonder how God felt when Cain gave him his offering?
  3. I wonder how Cain felt when God sent him away to wander for the rest of his life?

Here’s a photo of the prayer activity session for this week, too – you might want to make one before you watch the video.




Session 3

Our story this week can also be found in the book of Genesis, and it involves a man, his family, some animals and a rather large boat…. can you guess which story it is? Find out, plus see God helping those who follow him, at StAC Kids Session 3

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder what others thought and did when they saw Noah building his huge boat?
  2. I wonder how Noah’s wife felt when Noah told her God had told him to build a boat?
  3. I wonder if Noah ever thought God’s plan wasn’t going to work?

Here are the instructions for the diary entry you might want to write after learning about this week’s story:

Imagine you are one of Noah’s sons and write a diary entry for the day all the animals were loaded into the boat and is started to rain. Describe what has happened so far that day – what did you see, what did you hear, what did you smell? How do you feel about being on the boat with all the animals and birds? Do you think your father has done the right thing? Don’t forget to use lots of adjectives in your description!

Dear Diary,

What an extraordinary day! It all started when……


Session 4

Today we will find out what happened next in the story of Noah, his family and all the animals and birds on the ark. We will also see how God keeps his promises to those who love and follow him.  StAC Kids Session 4

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder how Noah felt when he came out of the ark?
  2. I wonder if Noah trusted God to keep his promise?
  3. I wonder if God still keeps his promises?

Before watching this week’s video, you might want to collect together the following items:

  • Some slips of paper for writing or drawing on
  • a small box – like an empty tissue box, or shoe box
  • some cardboard
  • some string

For the craft activity, draw a rainbow shape and a cloud and sun shape onto the cardboard and cut out, as in the photo below:


There are some great online resources to help you have more fun with the story of Noah.

Go to for colouring pages and for lots of games and puzzles, including word searches, anagrams, crosswords and lots more.


Session 5

We are going to look in the New Testament this week to see how Jesus chose between doing what was right and trying to please other people when he met a woman with a bad back who needed healing. StAC Kids Session 5

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder how the woman felt when she met Jesus?
  2. I wonder why Jesus decided to heal the woman?
  3. I wonder I wonder why the leaders thought keeping the rules was so important?
  4. I wonder how you would have felt if you had seen Jesus breaking the rules?

For the craft activity this week you will just need a sheet of paper to make a poster. If you have some pipe cleaners at home, they could be used to make puppets, too!


Session 6

Do you always remember to take the time to say thank you when someone helps you? In this session we hear about how Jesus miraculously healed not one but ten men – but only one of them remembered to come back to thank him. Who do we need to remember to thank in our lives? StAC Kids Session 6

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder how the men felt when Jesus healed them?
  2. I wonder why only one man came back to thank Jesus?
  3. I wonder how Jesus felt when only one man came back to thank him?

For the craft activity this week you will need a strip of paper to make into a wristband, or a blank postcard/piece of card or paper the size of a postcard


Session 7

This session begins the story of how Joshua led God’s people into the land he had promised them. Even the leaders God chooses can sometimes need a word of encouragement – today we find out how God encouraged Joshua StAC Kids Session 7

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder how Joshua felt when God made that promise to be with him and help him?
  2. I wonder how the Israelites felt when they heard what God had promised Joshua?
  3. I wonder what helped Joshua to be strong and brave?

For the craft activity you will need some strips of paper to make paper chains and some sellotape or glue to stick them together, and/or a sheet of paper with our memory verse written on – see photo. 





Session 8

We’ve got spies on a secret mission! We’ve got hiding places! We’ve got a daring escape in the dead of night! We’ve got God helping us when things get scary! This week’s story has got excitement, daring deeds and unexpected acts of kindness – go to StAC Kids Session 8 to find out more!

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder how the spies felt when they were hiding on the roof?
  2. I wonder why Rahab helped the spies?
  3. I wonder when God was with the spies?

For some great puzzles and quizzes all about Joshua and the spies please go to:

To practise your spy skills, check out the cryptograms at


Session 9

It’s time to find out what happens next to Joshua and the people of Israel as they camp outside the city of Jericho. How will they conquer the city? What will their battle plan be? Will they trust and obey God, however unusual his plan for them might be? Click on the link to find out! StAC Kids Session 9

Questions to think about from this week’s session:

  1. I wonder how the Israelites felt when Joshua told them God’s plan for taking the city?
  2. I wonder what the people of Jericho thought when they saw the Israelites marching around the city walls?
  3. I wonder who won the battle?

For the craft activity, you might want to get a piece of paper with some bricks drawn on, and some rectangles to use as bricks, as in the photo below.