Upcoming Events

(All events take place in the St Augustine's church building unless stated otherwise).







March 2019:

Wednesday 6th March, 5pm: Ash Wednesday service.  Come and worship the Lord, marking the start of Lent.

Thursday 14th March, 8pm-9.30pm: Growth Group starts today.  6 consecutive evenings to grow as a follower of Jesus and to grow in friendship with others.  Worship, prayer, Bible exploration, discussion and friendship.  For more information or to book on, please speak to or contact Gabriel Anstis (Vicar) on office@stac.org.uk

Saturday 16th March, 9.30am-4pm: Alpha Course Holy Spirit Day.  A day as part of the Alpha Course to explore who the Holy Spirit is, what He does, and how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Saturday 23rd March, 9am: 24/1 Prayer.  24 hours of continual prayer to grow in our relationship with God, and to call out for others in Highbury, London and beyond.  For more information, or to book on, please speak to or contact Amber Baker (Church Intern) on office@stac.org.uk


April 2019:

Friday 19th April, 9.30am-11.30am: Good Friday Holiday Club.  A free holiday club for primary school aged children.  Join us for games, crafts, songs and fun as we discover the meaning of Easter.  To book a place, email office@stac.org.uk or phone 020 7354 5515.

Friday 19th April, 12.45pm: Good Friday Reflections.  A quiet and reflective hour of prayer and Bible readings, looking at Jesus' journey to, and sacrifice on the cross for the sake of the world.

Sunday 21st April, 10.30am: Easter Sunday service.  Come and celebrate Jesus' defeat of death and rising from the dead.

Monday 29th April, 7.45pm: APCM.  (Annual Parochial Church Meeting).  Our annual meeting, and an opportunity to look back at what God has done over the past year, and look forward to what He's calling us to in the year to come.


May 2019:

Sunday 26th May, 10.30am: Baptism and Confirmation Service and Celebration.




June 2020:

Sunday 28th June.  10.30am: Service and Celebration.  150 years of St Augustine's Church Highbury!



For more information about any of these events, please e-mail office@stac.org.uk